The Best Sushi is Not Far Away

…that is, when you live where I live 😉

I bought this at the local Japanese supermarket right in my neighborhood. The sushi in focus is tuna chunks topped with salmon roe. The one to the right of it is a crab meat salad (crab shredded and mixed with Japanese mayo), topped with crab roe. Crab roe is my favorite because it has a taste that is very distinct: sweet and 鮮 – in Chinese, a word to describe seafood that taste fresh.

The other sushi in the picture include (from front left) shrimp, tuna, salmon, yellow-tail, scallop, and ark shell.

It is quite amazing to think that for about US$12, you can get a 16-piece set of sushi that is fresh from Japan that day. That, my friend, cannot be found anywhere near where I go to school in Orlando!

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One thought on “The Best Sushi is Not Far Away

  1. […] different seafood will best to eat. I have never tasted clams so sweet and 鮮 (see meaning on my other post). I totally just […]

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