A Bowl of Simple Locality

Everywhere on the streets of Hong Kong, you will find the Cantonese staple: noodle soup. These noodles are usually served with rice noodles, with toppings of meat balls, fish balls or fish cake, vegetables, served with fish broth base. Rice noodles can come in various forms (thin, flat, wide etc.), and vegetables can vary among local leafy greens and/ or seaweed.

At home, my mom made a variation of this local staple with the following ingredients:

  • Udon (oooh-don) noodles – Japanese noodles made of wheat-flour
  • baby Bak-Choi (白菜) – literally means ‘white veggie’
  • fish cake (魚片) – basically like meatloaf, but with fish
  • fish broth – homemade –> from stewing fresh fish from the market!

Usually, they do not serve these noodles at the restaurant with so much vegetables on the side (but my mom knows it’s my favorite!) Also, restaurants also do not use real or highly concentrated fish stew for the soup base. Therefore, I believe my mom truly makes the best bowl of noodle soup in town!



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