It’s Bagel Day!

Every Sunday, my school does a bagel bar with bagels and cream cheese from by far the BEST bread/ sandwich place I’ve ever eaten (for it’s price), Panera Bread. I am a huge fan of their Asiago Bagel and Everything Bagel, and their Hazelnut and Honey Walnut cream cheese.

Because of the calorie content of the bagel and cream cheese, and the fact that I want EVERYTHING, I do a half-and-half of salty and sweet with my one bagel. The salty half that I always get (pictured) is the Asiago bagel, goat cheese, smoked salmon with lemon juice, tomatoes, red onions, and chives. Oh right, and they toast the bagel first so the asiago cheese bit of the bagel gets reaaal crunchy.


I think this will be the one food that I will miss when I leave this country for good.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Bagel Day!

  1. That’s my favorite kind of bagel. The salmon is soo yummy. xoxo

  2. I miss having bagels for breakfast! I used to have one for breakfast everyday when I was in Vancouver.

  3. Hey darlin, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. For more info go here xoxo

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