Clockenflap 2012: the fashions

Hey all! It’s been a while since my last post..sorry to those who have been waiting for a follow up post on my backpacking trip…..but….. I happened upon a hard disk mishap…basically all my photos from my backpacking trip are gone (other than the ones already on the blog, of course).


The first weekend of December was the Clockenflap Music Festival, which as the name might suggest, features an lineup of bands through the weekend. Most of the music are of local and international “indie” musical groups. Actually, I didn’t know ANY of the lineup before I went, but I definitely discovered a few new favorite artists for my personal playlist by the end of it!

Music festivals are interesting because they attract a particular type of audience depending on the music. To me, it is interesting to see the differences in the ways of dress as a reflection and/ or function of the type of subculture involved. For example, fashion would be different at a rave in downtown LA versus punk concert in Sydney versus a DJ/dub festival in the Netherlands.

Needles to say, I was quickly drawn to some of the bold fashion choices of the festival-goers at Clockenflap. It was the colors, the patterns, the textures… some of them left me craving a few additions for my wardrobe, particularly a slouch beanie, a cosy knit sweater and bright tights to go with the weather’s chill. Here are some pictures.


Classic hipster look. The slouch beanie + big rimmed glasses


Yess!! the bright knit sweater!


Nothing like flannel for this weather. Plus the beanie plus the sneaks just screams STREET STYLE.


Striped jeans// Fringed bag.


Outdoor music fest does glam.


Textures + pattern: fuzzy white, textured knit, tie-dye jeans. Simple & chill.


I really like his splatter paint.


Like the overall aztec/ navajo theme. A great example of overlapping patterns that work.


Punk colored hair and studded.


Nothing like a rock show without a mohawk. It’s rare to see people with real mohawk these days…


I’ve been digging all the rustic/ vintage rucksacks on the market


Normally I would never get jeans that “out there”….but this girl made me rethink…


Too many textures and patterns to mention. Its the subtlety of the details make it work and not overwhelm.


  Image Image


Comments/ critiques? What were some of your faves and some that you didn’t like?

What are some of your favorite winter fashion statement pieces?

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Happy hump day!

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