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Island Hopping Philippines x2months

December 2012, my job hunting hit a dry spell. The Hong Kong grey weather was not cheering me up any either, so against my parents’ wishes, I went and booked a one-way flight to the Philippines. My plan was having no plans, only returning when my funds ran out….

I went to more than 32 towns/cities, 18+beaches and around 20 different islands (it’s hard to keep track after a while….). Here is a map of the spots I hit.phils_Trip

The reason for choosing the Philippines was to find some quiet time with untouched, serene nature. I found what I wanted. Along the way, meeting kindred spirits, crossroads conversationalists, and people who live “ignorant”, “naïve”, or what I’d say ordinary lives that really opened my eyes to the beautiful simplicity that life can be.white_island


6135_sRGB_matte    6474  6507_2

In the 2 months, I’ve hitchhiked, spent the whole day of my birthday commuting on a bangka boat, Christmas and New Years with different groups of perfect strangers, hiked to waterfalls, explored islands on a scooter, swam with whale sharks, went wreck diving, got 3 meters close to thresher sharks….
In the end, my budget had to put me back on a plane home. I could have easily spent at least 6 months+ in just he Philippines alone. Not enough time, not enough bank!!

Well, at least I have something to work and look forward to… 🙂


Photographers// artists… critique and comments on my shots are well appreciated! To all you others, let me know what you’d like to see/ hear more about my trip… personal stories? Highlights? Video montage? Details of my trail/ trip? Let me know in the comments below and I see about doing a followup post!
Cheers, Jacki

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