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My First Backpacking…

Hey all!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on WordPress! But for  good reason, I’ve just graduated, been on a internship in China, and went backpacking for the first time!

Before I get into all that, I want to give a shout out to CouchSurfing– if you are into backpacking and/or budget travel, you NEED to check it out. Now, I haven’t actually done any surfing yet, but during my move to a new city I’ve utilized the groups to meet people, find friends and travel buddies. It’s one of the best “online” communities I’ve experienced.

Back to backpacking. I was in Yunnan, China. I traveled along the northeast, from Kunming, went to Dali, LiJiang, Lugu Lake, back to LiJiang, and finally Shangri-la (aka Zhong Dian and Deqin).

A rough route of my trip.

Along the way, through CouchSurfing and hosteling, I have met so many interesting people from all over the world: a French chiropractor, a Belgian bio/ecology researcher,  German med students, Asian-American Yalies, a civil engineer from York, and a History teacher from Austria. Best of all, I traveled with a French Jazz singer (no, I did not get bedtime lullabies).

After a total altitude of 3,500 meters (it gets higher the more North you go), and I don’t know how any miles of traveling on the road, I have to say I have become a HUGE fan, if not an addict of backpacking. It is such a great way to travel, especially on a budget, and the types of people you’ll meet along the way are just wonderful, genuine, kind people. I really can’t wait to get on another trip!!

Anyway, I’ve taken many many pictures that are taking a while to process… but here are a few as a teaser. Keep on the lookout for the next post!

P.S. If for the meanwhile, you want to check out snippets of my trip check my Instagram via username jackieechan.
P.P.S. I would totally appreciate if you like these pictures, which one of these are your fav and why! For those familiar with art critique, I would appreciate some comments or points for improvement as well!

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My First Photography Series!!

Artist Statement:
Landscapes and nature are what interest me. It is something that is often passed by without our noticing it, a lot of the times it serves as fillers to our living environment because of their stationary characteristics and so it ceases to catch our attention after a certain period of time. I am interested in photographing landscapes and nature because it is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also at times poignant, able to stir something deeper within us. My project attempts to capture nature in this way that some might not normally see.
When having the time to really take in the scenes of nature, or when it so happens to catch my attention, I have been able to notice things about these scenes that I would not have otherwise seen. Within this pondering, I have discovered that many of the details that draw me in are things that have to do with form, color and texture.
Through looking at works of landscapes and nature from other photographers, I realize it is the role and responsibility as photographer to manipulate viewers to see what I see and feel. In order to fulfill this duty, I use shallow depth of field to highlight the details of the scenes that catch my attention; in this way, viewers are forced to see what I see. I also emphasize textures and color using digital enhancements, deliberately highlighting these details for the viewers’ attention, sometimes causing these pictures to become otherworldly.
My goal for these photographs is to not only illustrate the details I noticed, but also the feelings that they provoked within me. Though the process of Sight (nature catching my attention), Capture (of the scene as how it evoked feelings in me), Manipulation (emphasizing features), and Presentation I hope to evoke feelings of sublime majesty and emotive serenity in nature.
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